59: David Stone - Overcoming anxiety, self-doubt and imposter syndrome

Episode Summary

In this episode, David Stone, life coach, author, speaker and reformed worrier speaks to us about how to stop worrying and start living. He shares how we can overcome anxiety, self-doubt and imposter syndrome with the help of his Guide of Visualization and Replacing Habit Strategies.

Episode Notes

Meet David 

In August of 2009, at the age of 55, David was an internationally known marketing consultant making a healthy six-figures. He was also living in his car. Not the “living in his car” as in the road warrior who keeps Hertz in business, but literally, every night pulling into the same highway rest stop, grabbing the pillow out of the back seat, and spending the night with his leg wrapped over the gearshift. 

How he arrived in this situation can be summed up in a few words: Fear. Anxiety. Worry. Self-doubt. He had literally worried his way into homelessness. With that massive wake-up call, he set out to reinvent his life into one that is defined by joy and fearlessness and he succeeded! He now  shares what he has learned with others who want to overcome anxiety and self-doubt through his blog, books, videos, workshops, online courses and keynotes. 

David Stone is the author of “Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt out of the myth that worry is required and take charge of your own life now” His next book, “The Fearless Decision: How to live in the world without being afraid of it,” was released in November 2020. 

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